Our Mission and Vision

The Geothermal Rising Board of Directors adopted a Strategic Plan in March of 2022, formalizing the organization's Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives. Keep reading for the details!
Geothermal heat pumping systems use 25%-50% less electricity than conventional heating or cooling systems.

A brighter future for Earth and all its inhabitants, powered by the planet itself.


To connect the geothermal community and champion geothermal energy in the United States and around the world.

  • Broaden awareness of geothermal energy and its important role in the energy transformation.
  • Build positive public sentiment towards geothermal energy as a clean, renewable, and ubiquitous energy source.
  • Empower the geothermal community to advance through, technological innovation, education and collaboration with other sectors
  • Expand the demand for and use of geothermal energy.
  1. Raise Public Awareness of Geothermal Energy – increase the visibility of geothermal energy through marketing and communications activities that inform and educate across a wide spectrum of organizations, agencies, and people.
  2. Champion Innovation– serve as a platform for inspiring, encouraging and sharing new technologies that will accelerate the deployment of geothermal energy in an agnostic way.
  3. Build an Enabling Environment for Geothermal Energy – work with government and regulatory agencies to incentivize demand and adoption of geothermal energy.
  4. Expand GR’s Activities to Grow the Geothermal Industry – build a strong membership base of individuals and corporations and arm them with the tools they need to engage outside the geothermal community.
  5. Maintain Financial Sustainability – operate with a budget surplus through self-supporting activities.
  6. Enhance Internal Processes – improve the professional quality of our products and services and integrate the functions of the GR team.
Powering Our Renewable Future
Geothermal Rising advocates for the use of geothermal energy, Earth’s most plentiful and sustainable energy source, as the engine that will power our renewable future. Our new brand is rising to meet the challenges that face our Earth by using the power that lies beneath our feet.
Green Hills in Sunlight
Who We Are
We are the champions of geothermal energy and those who make its use possible. Formed in 1972, we are the oldest geothermal association on Earth, serving as the main professional and educational association for the geothermal community and public. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we empower the advancement of human understanding and practical use of geothermal energy through collaboration and communication of robust research, knowledge, and guidance.
Multicolored rocks in sunlight