Fervo Energy Announces 70% Reduction in Geothermal Drilling Time

Fervo Energy has published early drilling results from its Cape Station geothermal project that it says exceed the Department of Energy’s (DOE) expectations for enhanced geothermal systems (EGS).
The Geysers Geothermal Complex in California is the largest geothermal installation in the world.

Fervo began its drilling campaign at Cape Station, its 400 MW project in southwest Utah, in June 2023 and over the last six months has drilled one vertical and six horizontal wells there, while it says it reduced drilling times from well to well as learnings accelerated.

Fervo says it has reduced drilling times and costs in horizontal, high-temperature, deep granite drilling. Though Cape wells are hotter and over 2,100 feet deeper than Project Red wells, Fervo says it drilled its fastest Cape well in just 21 days, a 70% reduction in drilling time from Fervo’s first horizontal well drilled at Project Red in 2022. Fervo says the increase in efficiency has resulted in cost reductions, with drilling costs across the first four horizontal wells at Cape falling from $9.4 million to $4.8 million per well.

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