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2015 GRC Annual Meeting & GEA Expo

GRC Workshop - Yellowstone National Park

June 22-26

The GRC is pleased to announce a mid-year GRC Workshop to Yellowstone National Park.

The workshop will include a tour of the major geologic features of the Park, the frst national park in the world and the site of the greatest concentration of geothermal features on the planet, and discussions of its volcanic history, geochemistry, and hydrology.

The trip will be led by Duncan Foley, Gene Suemnicht, Roy Mink and Joe Moore.

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2013 GRC Transactions

The 2014 GRC Transactions are now available for free download by members:

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The 2014 GRC Transactions were given free to all 3-day registrants at the GRC Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon.

The Values of Geothermal Energy:
A Discussion of the Benefits Geothermal Power Provides to the Future U.S. Power System
(GRC/GEA Report)

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Focus on Chile - a special report

Focus on Chile

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By Sue Hodgson

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