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Employment Opportunities

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Geothermal Research Department Manager - Sandia National Laboratories

The Geoscience Research and Applications Group at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA has an opening for a Department Manager for the Geothermal Research Department. You would be responsible for providing leadership and advocacy for a team of highly talented and experienced engineers, scientists, technologists, post-docs, contractors, and student interns with a broad range of backgrounds including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and geoscience. Core to this department is leadership of Sandia’s engagement and research for the Department of Energy’s Geothermal Technologies Office and building the labs capabilities in drilling and subsurface access and sensing. More Information.........


Field Chemist - Thermochem

Thermochem is the world leader in testing, engineering, consulting services, specialty instrumentation and equipment supply, focused primarily on the renewable geothermal power sector.

Under general supervision assists with field projects, performs sampling functions and maintains field equipment. More Information.........


Vice President Sales - Greenfire Energy

As part of the company’s management team, the Vice President Sales will work to develop and commercialize the company’s “ECO2G” geothermal well retrofit technologies. The Vice President Sales is responsible for building a steady stream of profitable retrofit construction contracts. More Information..........


Geothermal Data Manager - Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy (GBCGE)

This position will be responsible for collecting, compiling, cataloguing, maintaining and publicly-disseminating information related to Nevada's geothermal resources, including geotechnical reports, well datasets, geological, geophysical and hydrological data, and core samples from geothermal drilling in Nevada. This will include new geothermal data generated by ongoing geothermal exploration, development, and research. A major goal of this position is to facilitate future scientific breakthroughs, resource exploration, and sustainable development of Nevada’s geothermal resources by ensuring that various user groups can access the most up-to date, quality-controlled geothermal geoscientific datasets and information. More Information..........


Project Engineer - Eden GeoPower

Eden Geopower Inc. is looking for an engineer to join an engineering team to work in GreenTown labs, Boston, MA. This is a highly technical role that includes: laboratory and office work on the various projects solving geothermal and petroleum industry problems. Activities range from initial concept development with computer software to running an experimental laboratory work, testing prototypes, optimization, and reports writing. More Information........


Process Modeling Engineer - Greenfire Energy

The Process Modeling Engineer will perform thermodynamic power cycle process modeling for GreenFire Energy’s downhole heat exchanger product line, which includes gas and liquid flow conditions, both downhole and at the surface. Normal power cycle modeling is expected, including turbines, heat exchangers, pumps, compressors, orifice plates, and pipe flow. Working fluids include water, CO2, and various ORC type refrigerants. Financial considerations are included in modeling optimization; e.g., power costs, material costs, O&M costs, and LCOE calculations. Respond to: Joseph Scherer, CEO. Email: joseph.scherer@greenfirenergy.com      
More Information........


Calpine has two engineering vacancies at The Geysers in Northern California

Plant Engineer III - Steam, Middletown, California
Coordinates all engineering functions to assure the steamfield operates at maximum performance, reliability and profitability. Provides engineering support for steam gathering and water injection facilities; responsible for providing technical support for daily operations, field infrastructure improvements, process improvements, design, equipment acquisition, asset breakdown analysis, corrosion mitigation, and subsequent corrective actions. Develops and maintains field operating records and provides day-to-day technical support to steamfield operations and maintenance. Responsible for Management of Change program within the steamfield. Coordinates with counterparts on steamfield equipment standardization and modernization. More Information.........   Apply Online........

Plant Engineer III, Middletown, California
Coordinates all plant engineering functions to assure the facility operates at maximum performance and profitability. Responsible for providing technical support for daily operations, plant improvements, process improvements, design, equipment acquisition, plant breakdown and analysis, and recommending corrective actions. Ensures operational activities are in accordance with procedures, schedules, regulatory compliance and budget projections. Conducts performance tests, collecting and analyzing operating data, and developing operational plans and equipment recommendations to optimize performance and profitability. Develops and maintains plant operating records and provides technical support to plant operations and maintenance. Assist maintenance group with pre-outage planning and conduct equipment inspections during outages. Comprehensive knowledge of electrical power generation or related field.  More Information.......      Apply Online........