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Poster Session from the Final Program (PDF)

Salt Palace Convention Center - Hall A


  • Sunday, October 1 - 6:00pm-8:00pm

  • Monday, October 2 - 12:00 - 5:00pm

  • Tuesday, October 3 - 9:00am - 6:00pm
    (Reception: 5pm - 7pm)

  • Wednesday, October 4 - 9:00am - 12:00pm

Thanks to our Sponsors

Best Student Poster Award

GRC Posters

Two templates (see an example poster below) are provided which will make for a more consistent and high quality product. You have a choice of either 4' x 6' or 3.5' x 6''.

Also, the GRC is collecting the presentations, printing and delivering the posters at our own expense with help from our sponsors. Again, this should result in a better experience for presenters and their audience.

For Authors Only

Poster Session Deposit Authorization (PDF)

A speaker is required to be present next to the poster during the entire time of the Poster Session.  The Poster Session will take place in the GEA GeoExpo+ exhibit hall at theSalt Lake City Convention Center. Posters will be on display starting Sunday and you are encouraged (not required) to be near your poster during breaks and downtime as many interested attendees will viewing the posters during that time.

This year we have implemented a few changes to the process.  Each author will be required to use the same size poster, displayed on the same templates, YOU will have the option to have the GRC arrange for the printing of your poster for a low cost of $45.00.  The GRC will then have your poster at their on-site office for you to pick up.  If you would like to arrange for the GRC to print your poster, please check the box in the poster deposit agreement form and you will be charged the $45.

If you do not wish to have the GRC print your poster, you are required to print and bring it with you. However, for compliance, if you print it yourself, if must be the same size as the templates and printed in color.  We will require that all authors work from our GRC provided templates (36”x72” or 48"x96"). The templates are available abovein PowerPoint format. We intended to keep the templates simple, so that all authors may still have the flexibility to format, brand and display their presentation accordingly.  The templates will serve as a method for the GRC to standardize and professionalize the look and feel of the Poster Session. 

All authors are required to set up their own poster on the assigned poster board starting Sunday, October 1st at 2:00pm. Please go to the GRC On-site registration pass so that we can provide you a entry pass to get into the exhibit hall to set up your poster. You cannot enter the exhibit hall without the pass.

If you decide to pay for the GRC to print and provide your poster – please follow steps 1 through 5 below:
** If you are printing and bringing your poster please ensure you follow the formatting instructions for consistency.

Poster Design and Upload Instructions:

  1. Leave the background color of your poster white, do NOT add a colored backgroundIf a poster is submitted with a colored background, the GRC will contact you directly to request edits.
  2. We encourage you to use colorful graphics and text as necessary (Posters should be printed in color).
  3. When ready, submit your FINAL poster for print as early Wednesday, August 16th and no later than Friday, September 1st.  You will be asked to upload your poster to a specific DropBox folder (an invite email will be sent to you to access the folder. Contact Anh Lay if you do not receive this email).
  4. Please upload a Print quality PDF (A PDF is required so that graphics and symbols will transfer correctly).  All graphics' resolution should be 600 dpi or greater. The provided poster template is already sized to the correct dimensions. Do not alter the size. If you graphic does not look correct in the template, most like your graphic's resolution is too low. The GRC will be in contact with you it there is any file corruption or obvious missing components to your poster to rectify within the print deadline. 
  5. When saving your file name, reference your paper number and use the first and last name of the first author. For example: 405BobSmith. This will allow for easy file handling on our end.

Other Poster Information:

  1. Computer display equipment, sound or projection equipment, or freestanding displays are not permitted.
  2. You are allowed to take your poster after the close of the poster session at 7:00pm on Tuesday, October 3rd and before 10am on Wednesday, October 4th. The GRC will discard any unclaimed posters at the end of the end of the Annual Meeting.
  3. Due to the cost of poster boards, GRC will require a $25.00USD deposit for all those who choose to present a poster. Your credit card or check will not be charged or deposited unless you do not participate in the poster session after the GRC office has secured a poster board for you. You have until September 1, 2017 to send in your deposit or cancel your presentation.  Please fill out the attached deposit form and email it to Anh Lay at alay@geothermal.org.

Optional: Each Poster Board area will feature space for you to have your paper printed in a small quantity to share as well as business cards. You will have to bring your own envelope to hold the papers and business card. We encourage you to bring these to add additional value to your presentation. The GRC will have an event app this year. We encourage you to sign up for the app and upload your contact info so that interested attendees can connect with you.

AWARDS:  The GRC Poster Session Committee will evaluate all posters. Awards will be given to the best Professional Poster, as well as the best three Student Posters. Monetary awards will be given to the top three Student Posters. ($500 for 1st, $300 for 2nd and $200 for third). Monetary awards are to be used for educational purposes only. You must be present the entire of the Poster Session to win.

All four winning posters will have the option to present their poster on video which will be featured live on Periscope and Tweeted across several GRC and Geothermal Media social outlets.

Do not forget to register for the GRC Annual Meeting. All presenters must register for the meeting (no exceptions)! In addition to registering for the meeting, presenters must make their own hotel accommodations. You can make your room reservations at the Holiday Inn Express or Hilton Salt Lake City online at: https://geothermal.org/Annual_Meeting/hotel.html. A block of rooms have been made available for the GRC Annual Meeting, discounts end September 5th or when the room block is sold out, so be sure to make your reservation early!

Budgetary constraints preclude offering subsidies to attend the 2017 GRC Annual Meeting. However, if the Annual Meeting Committee or GRC staff can assist you in other ways to help ensure your attendance as a registrant, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please contact our Poster Session Chairman, Patrick Hanson at patrick@tngenergyservices.com.

Last Year's Poster Session Reception

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