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GRC Workshops

Three GRC Workshops have been confirmed at the GRC Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada, USA.

Friday & Saturday, October 12 & 13

Project Development Strategy and Economic and Investment Evaluations

Friday & Saturday, October 12 & 13

Evolution of Geothermal Resource Models: From Surface Exploration to Field Development and Reservoir Management 

Wednesday, October 17

Geothermal 101 - Open to the Public

Project Development Strategy and Economic and Investment Evaluations

Friday & Saturday, October 12 & 13

Room: Naples 7                8am - 5pm
Cost: $550 (Member), $600 (Non-Member), $175 (Student)

Led by: Manon Stöver, Mehul Patel and Steve Burden of Veizades & Associates, Inc

Join us for a 2-day workshop focusing on commercial development strategies for well field, resource production facilities, power production facilities, and infrastructure. Participants will develop economic and investment decision processes and a computer model using capital cost estimates, operating and maintenance costs, and revenue from power sales to drive the calculations of internal rate of return, net present value, and payback period. A case study for a successful project will be presented using a USTDA-funded feasibility study along with other real-world experiences shared by participants and instructors.

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is designed for students, engineers, geoscientists, drillers and project managers tasked with advancing geothermal projects from the exploration stage to commercial power generation.

Day 1 - Geothermal Project Development Strategies:

Maximizing the success of Geothermal Projects requires a methodical, science lead, and engineering supported planning that will drive the economic model. The challenges in developing geothermal projects in the USA and foreign countries will be highlighted with a step by step approach to minimize risk, shorten project schedules, and maximize success. The presentation will be broken into five 1-hour blocks with questions and answer periods after each block.

  1. Identification of Geothermal Area, Exploration Planning, Early Financing Evaluation, and Permitting Owner Staffing Requirements
  2. Site investigations, Civil Engineering Requirements, Procurement Schedule, Staffing and Management Requirements
  3. Exploration Drilling, Flow Testing, Data Interpretation, Power Cycle Selection, and Project Feasibility Report
  4. Exploitation Drilling, Construction Planning, Contracting Plan, Procurement and Logistics, and Construction Financing
  5. Construction, Quality Control, Inspection Staff, Owner Construction Staff, Start-up and Commissioning.

Day 2- Economic and Investment Evaluation:

Preparing the economic and investment evaluation is critical to obtaining management approval, construction financing, and long-term equity investments. This session will focus on the development and use of commonly used metrics of cash flow to determine the value of the investment and the sensitivities of the primary investment drivers. The presentation will be broken into blocks with questions and answer periods after each block. Bring your computer as the workshop participants will develop and present computer models.

  1. Definition and development of Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, and Payback
  2. Capital investment cash flow
    •  Optimization of well size and number
    •  Capital investment comparison due to power cycle selection
    •  Satellite separation vs one separation station
  3. Operation and maintenance (O&M) expense and electric power sales revenue
  4.  Sensitivity due to:
    • Schedule
    • Cost of money
    • Success of development drilling
    • Capacity factor and changes in electric sale price
    • O&M expense
  5. Case study summary

Evolution of Geothermal Resource Models: From Surface Exploration to Field Development and Reservoir Management 

Friday & Saturday, October 12 & 13

Room: Naples 6             8am - 5pm
Cost: $550 (Member), $600 (Non-Member), $175 (Student)

Led by: Bastien Poux, Gene Suemnicht and Jeff Witter
Assisted by: Marino Baroek, Jim Faulds and Holly McLachlan

With a focus on the graphical aspects, this workshop will present the methodologies employed in the industry to accurately build resource models at the different stages of the exploration and development of a geothermal field. This workshop will follow the typical development order of any geothermal project; starting from the initial conceptual models resulting from the surface exploration phase, to the integration of sub-surface data in three-dimensional models during the development phase and the use of advanced numerical models to manage the reservoir during the production phase. During this workshop, numerous case studies from around the world will be studied in detail with the participants, including some of the world’s largest geothermal fields located in the United States, Indonesia and Iceland. Bring your computer as participants will have a hands-on experience!

PART 1: Initial Conceptual Models after Reconnaissance Studies - 1/2 Day

Speakers: Gene Suemnicht, Kerry McCallum

  • Regional scale studies
  • Aerial Imagery
  • Satellite data
  • Hot springs locations
  • Heat flow map
  • Simple structural/ geological surface map

= Initial conceptual model, cross sections/maps

PART 2: Updated Conceptual Models After Focused Exploration - 1/2 Day

Speakers: Jim Stimac, Jeff Witter

  • Exploration data
  • Geophysics
  • Geochemistry
  • Geology
  • TGH
  • Cores

= Updated conceptual models and exploration drill target selection (simple 3-D models)

PART 3: Refined Conceptual Models And Initial State Reservoir Models After Exploration Drilling - 1/2 Day

Jim Stimac, Bastien Poux, Jeff Witter

  • Deep well data (slim hole / full-size)
  • Thin section/ XRD/ other lab analysis (permeability/porosity/density/clays etc...)
  • Well logging data (temperature/pressure/fluid entries/geophysics/ ABI ...)
  • Possible simple flow test

= refined conceptual model / first initial state reservoir model (3-D temp/reservoir model), select development drilling targets

PART 4: Numerical Reservoir Models During The Field Development - 1/4 Day

Speakers: John Murphy, Jeremy O’Brien

  • More deep well data, incl. well logging
  • TFT results
  • Short/long term flow tests
  • Interference tests

= Numerical reservoir model, simulation for injection/production scenario

PART 5: Comprehensive Resource And Reservoir Models For Field Capacity Increase - 1/4 Day

Speakers: Jeff Witter, Bastien Poux

  • Data from high number of deep wells
  • Historical production/injection data
  • Additional surface and sub-surface studies over the years
  • Seismicity data

= Comprehensive resource models, make-up/development well targeting

Costs for both of the above workshops include lunch on Friday, and Saturday and a workshop reception on Friday from 5:00pm-6:30pm.

Geothermal 101 - Open to the Public

Wednesday, October 17

Room: Tuscany 1-2          9:00-11:00am
Cost: Free to the general public and GRC Annual Meeting & Expo registrants

Presented by: Gene Suemnicht, EGS, Inc.

  • 9:00 -10:00am - Visit the Expo to understand the practical applications of geothermal energy.
  • 10:00 -11:00am - Workshop in room TBD, explaining the basics of clean, dependable, renewable geothermal energy.
    Nevada legislators, energy regulators and their staff, educators, students and the general public are invited to a special workshop explaining the many benefits of geothermal energy.
Geothermal energy has been described as the most reliable renewable and a sustainable green energy. What does it take to discover and develop a high enthalpy resource? How does it fit into the mix of renewable electricity generation for the future?

Check back here for more information in the coming months.......

In the last decade alone the GRC has provided over 50 days of educational workshops:

2006 - Emerging High-Temperature Technologies and Tools for Geothermal Applications, San Diego, California, (2-days)
2006 - Geothermal Exploration Technologies, San Diego, California, (2-days)
2007 - Geophysical Techniques in Geothermal Exploration, Sparks, Nevada, (2-days)
2007 - Land, Lease, and Unitization Legal Issues, Sparks, Nevada, (2-days)
2008 - Geothermal Reservoir Evaluation, Reno, Nevada, (2-days)
2008 - Basics of Geothermal Resource Development, Reno, Nevada, (1-day)
2008 - Introduction to Geothermal Energy, Reno, Nevada, (1-day)
2009 - Geothermal Heat Pump Workshop, Salt Lake City, Utah, (2-days)
2009 - Webinar: Utility Geothermal Development Strategies, Online, (1-day)
2009 - Webinar: Enhanced Geothermal Systems, Online, (1-day)
2009 - Webinar: Geothermal Heat Pump Programs and Benefits, Online, (1-day)
2009 - Geothermal Power 101 - Basics of Geothermal Resource Development, Reno, Nevada, (1-day)
2009 - Geothermal Heat Pumps, Reno, Nevada, (1-day)
2009 - EGS and Other Emerging Technologies, Reno, Nevada, (1-day)
2009 - Getting More Geothermal Projects On-line, Reno, Nevada, (1-day)
2010 - Texas Geothermal Technologies, Dallas, Texas, (1-day)
2010 - Geothermal Reservoir Evaluation, Sacramento, California, (2-days)
2010 - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Portfolio (EERE), Sacramento, California, (1-day)
2010 - Geothermal Heat Pumps, Sacramento, California.(1-day)
2011 - An Introduction to Geothermal Resources Exploration and Development: Examples from The Long Valley Caldera, Mammoth Lakes, California, (1-day)
2011 - Geothermal Energy Leasing and Permitting, San Diego, California, (2-days)
2011 - An Introduction to Geothermal Exploration, San Diego, California, (2-days)
2012 - Recent Advances in Geothermal Geochemistry, Davis, California, (2-days)
2012 - Drilling, Reno, Nevada, (2-days)
2012 - Reservoir Stimulation, Reno, Nevada, (2-days)
2013 - Resource Assessment & Optimization, Sacramento, California, (2-days)
2013 - Exploration Drilling and Early Stage Geothermal Characterization, Bandung, Indonesia, (2-days)
2013 - New Developments in Power Plants, Las Vegas, Nevada, (2-days)
2013 - Geothermal Exploration in the 21st Century, Las Vegas, Nevada, (2-days)
2014 - Geothermal Drilling, Well Testing, Reservoir Monitoring & Management, Jakarta, Indonesia, (2-days)
2014 - Introduction to Hydrothermal Systems and Geothermal Exploration, Portland, Oregon, (2-days)
2014 - Geothermal Leasing, Unitization and Water Use Legal Issues, Portland, Oregon, (2-days)
2015 - Geothermal Workshop/Fieldtrip to Yellowstone National Park (5-days)
2016 - Conceptual Models of Geothermal Systems, Sacramento, California, (2-days)
2016 - Reservoir Stimulation, Sacramento, California, (2-days)
2016 - Best Practices in Operations & Maintenance, Sacramento, California, (1-day)
2016 - Geothermal 101 Sacramento, California, (Two Hours)
2017 - Project Development Strategy and Economic and Investment Evaluation, Jakarta, Indonesia, (2-days)
2017 - Geothermal Resource Decision Workshop 2, Salt Lake City, Utah, (2-days)